What To Do If You Are Experiencing Lawyer Burnout

  1. Refuel your tank

The first thing to do to prevent burnout is to step back, relax, sleep and prioritize taking care of your mental and physical well-being.  When you rest, you will be able to notice what’s going wrong in your system and your mind and soul. 

Unlike a car which has to be refueled by the driver. You’re your driver; you have to refuel your energy by taking a lot of rest and sleep. Meditation helps sometimes.

  1. Find a hobby – Do something that gives you joy. 

A hobby is not what you do for your client or the public; it something you do for your soul, for yourself. A hobby is something that gives you joy, that makes you feel fulfilled. 

Practicing law might make you forget you have a hobby because of the long hours at work. But once, you notice you’re on the brink of burning out. It is very crucial to go back to that activity that comes to you with ease and makes you feel happy. 

  1. Set boundaries 

Every occupation has limitations, just as practicing law. But due to the perfectionism system of lawyers, the limitations are overlooked. You can set your boundaries, schedule your working hours, refuse to be the overworked, stressed lawyer. 

According to the South Korea new measure to implement reduced working hours: an article that enumerates the working hours of each category of employees. “Businesses mainly composed of office workers are generally accepting a selective working hour system which enables workers the potential to appoint when to start and finish work.” 


You have to respect these limitations. Learn to say no, debunk the belief that you can handle more than you can do. 

  1. Stay true to your value. 

Your value is what you have, what you can tolerate. Stay away from anything that doesn’t resonate with your value. If you continue to work on a path that is against what you can tolerate, you’re walking the path of burnout. 

To stay true to this value, you have to define the type of law firm you want to work with – the firm that will work together with you to boost your value.  There is always an option to choose from; the decision to choose your value is up to you. 

What To Do If You Are Experiencing Lawyer Burnout 

Now, you know you’re burnt out; your tank has run dry. So what’s next?

The next step is to take action as soon as possible to prevent extreme consequences like long-term respite or career change.

 Oh, you lawyer suffering from burnout, focus; there is still hope, there is still light. Here are some tricks that can help you recover from burnout.

  1. Accept your condition

Acceptance is the key to recover from any situation. Once you accept the fact that you’re burnout, you will be able to internalize the fact that you need help and know where to get the help. 

Accepting your condition will also make it easy for you to heal and not pushing yourself too far. As Freddy says

“It takes too long for me to accept the fact that I’m burned out. I keep pushing it. I lost many cases, yet I thought I had not prepared well for it. Once I accept, I step back, and I celebrate my failure because sometimes failure is not bad; it’s just a system to tell us there is another way we can do it.”

If you would like to learn more about how to get out of lawyer burnout, please see the Korean lawyers website here. 광주변호사